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Maps copied


Recently we've come over that some of our maps are found on other servers. This is obviously illegal and we don't want that at all. We want orginal maps for MG and MM, and maps that can't be found on other servers.

Therefore, I have now decided that it's time to reward players that have found maps on other servers that are also on our server.

- If you find a map on another server that is also on our server then you should send a forum pm instantly to Beremix with evidence to confirm it. - The Management Team will check out if it's correct and it's the same map. - The map will be disabled and put on to be replaced instantly. - You (who send me the evidence) will be rewarded for discovering this. - If the mapper (who copied maps) has copied a lot of maps, he will be banned.

Reward MG: - 1000 cookies - $10'000'000

Reward MM: - 1000 tokens - $10'000'000

Reward EXM: - To be added

Thanks to you all who are playing on other servers and discovering things that ain't good. Obviously we do check the maps we get, but it's hard to detect copy.

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