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Birthday and Time System


The birthday and time played system is a final way of collecting rewards whilst playing on the server. This system is based on your total gaming time in the server.


NOTE: Time played has been effected by directly by birthday system. You won't be liking to play in real 365 days to get your birthday.That does not even sound possible. So to cope with it, gaming time is being used.


Your gaming time for the birthday will be calculated as the following:'

*1 second of real world time makes 1 minute of gaming world.

*1 minute of real world makes 1 hour of gaming world.

*24 minutes of real world makes 24 hours which makes a day.

Now that you know how this works, you can just use this to convert it to real world time.


Birthday System

This system will be activated once you reach 365 days as in game time. Each birthday will reward you more than last one. On birthday certain random amount would be taken from all online players and given to you as a gift from them. The server will contribute too as a gift from server staff.

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