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eXtreme Missions was started in April of 2010, being owned by Desert_Eagle and Dynamic93, the server reached an important place in SA-MP.
Our sever is based on different type of missions created by its own community members, we give them the chance to make maps so everyone can have enjoyment in their gameplay with their own personal touch. Their help towards the server is also appreciated a lot, they made it possible to bring 250+ great missions types such as: DM, TDM, Race, Stealing, Bombing, Capturing, CTF, LMS, LTS.
Variety is what makes it really fun.

This community has been having ups and downs but it always made its way to continue. After years, the server owners decided to step down on 19th March 2016, therefore they had to give someone else the ownership, where it came to Hellrocker and owainnub being chosen as the new owners, later on they picked JaDi as 3rd owner, also because of his significant role in the team since a long time. 
Our new owners made the server come alive and because of their hard work and efforts server kept developing as it has always been. But server still needed someone to fill in development, so Zeus showed up to begin his co-developer's work for the server, he has made our new website with multiple features such as user control panel, player stats, server stats and other stuff. In December of  2017 the owners decided to give the ownership over to Beremix, Thus making eXM apart of the the community featuring Mini Games Server & Mini Missions. 

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