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History Article rated 5.0/5.0
Mini-Missions is a SA-MP based server for GTA San Andreas running since 2008. With ups and downs the server is still recovering and growing as we speak! Currently we have over 250 different missions b...
Birthday and Time System Article not rated yet
The birthday and time played system is a final way of collecting rewards whilst playing on the server. This system is based on your total gaming time in the server.   NOTE: Time played has been effec...
XP System Article not rated yet
XP System XP System gives us many features. You can earn XP by killing completeing missions or achievements. Here are the features Features *It has different ranks/levels each rank has it's own title ...
Ranks/Levels Article not rated yet
Rank/Level 1 ''(Regulator)'' * This is default level.   Rank/Level 2 ''(Hitman)'' * You need to earn ''10'' XP after level 1 to get this level.   Rank/Level 3 ''(Architect)'' * You need to earn ''40...
Toys Article not rated yet
New toys are added in the next update!

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