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Been focusing on fixing stuff, editing stuff and improving script. Some new stuff too :3

- Fixed a bug with /rskin (Wrong message)

- Fixed a bug with players who haven't set rskin will spawn bugged.

- Fixed a bug with @

- Anti Spawn Kill reduced to 3 seconds, instead of 5.

- Fixed a bug in derby and other games where the vehicle could be owned..

- Fixed an issue with double anti spawn kill in some games (breaking, stealing, deathrun etc..)

- Removed several timers from all games!

- Fixed an issue with mute returning 2 messages.

- Skin ID 193 can now only be used by Stefy. Therefore respected players skin is moved from 180-192

- Added /buynos to /pancakes

- You can only use /prep once per game

- Removed game category "Escape"

- Added game category "Multi Race". Will be used for races with multi races.

- Atempted to reduce lag by fixing timers and removing timers in games and admin fs.

- Removed "The Hits" radio as it's not working again..

- You can't be in a vehicle if you are gonna use shop now.

- Added a bounty system. This only works in DM games. You can use /addbounty [name/playerid] [100'000 - 1'000'000]. First one to kill the player with a bounty on his head will win the amount.

- Added /eject to eject players from your vehicle.

- Added /blockpm. PS: Your pms is never blocked from admins.

- Fixed an issue with /buynrg where you can spawn multiple nrg..

- Fightstyle is now permanent. For first time buying it then it costs 500 pancakes. If you want to change fightstyle it costs 200 pancakes.

- Made random messages come a bit more often, by I put it under another timer.

- Added /rcmds for respected players

- Added more info to /help

- Fixed so vehicles bought via /cng are private and can't be drived by others.

- New DM Arena again. Back to LVPD.

- You can now use the hotkey "Y" to flip a vehicle in RACES.

- Added back spree message

- Renamed Terminator to Justin_Bieber. There will be a poll at next update instead.


- Added a message to notify the players when vips connects.

SERVER UPDATE: v35 - v35.1

This update was supposed to be bigger, but as I got help from Sasuke to overlook all of our scripts and found some critic things related to lag, then I decided to push the update to now. So it's a small update, working on fixing stuff - fixing lag - and few changes.

- Fixed an issue with /blockpm

- Removed /nopm

- Fixed an issue with /eject

- Removed /vspec as an result of a lot of survey replies.

- Fixed an issue with /me where you could speak if muted.

- Fixed an issue when registering.

- New achievement: Server Mapper > Make at least 10 maps for the server. Ask a manager and he can give you this achievement

- New achievement: Server DJ > Become a server DJ. Ask a manager and he can give you this achievement

- Respected player skin has been removed. New skin system has been added for vips.

- Added a script that deletes all objects after game ends. To see if it helps with objects not showing.

- Script has been optimized a lot. Thanks to Sasuke for the help. Timers has been edited and lag should be gone (We hope) Smile.

- Fixed vip greet when connect.

- Fixed a small thing with entering private /cnrg.

- Fixed an error with nos returning that you used it..

- Fixed an issue with fightstyle.

- Shortcut for flip removed as it conflict a lot of other stuff..

- Skin:

-Skin has to be changed and set via the ucp.

-People can't have the same skin. Which means, if you buy a skin only you can have it.

-It now costs 1 million ingame money to buy a skin.


- Fixed an issue with /me where you could speak if game is changing.

- Fixed an issue with DM / TDM Levels where you could get killed meanwhile waiting to teleport to arena and it would result in fake kill.

- Other minor fixes.

Server Update: v35.1 -> v35.2

Sa-mp server security upated!

Prioritied to add new stuff, fix and change stuff. Obviously I could work even more too and do much more, but it was time to update to fix some stuff.

- /buynos now cost 30 pancakes for normal players and 20 for respected players

- The lottery system has been removed. I don't see it used any more.

- If you buy 7000 score for 1000 cookies, you now rather get 9000 score.

- Fixed an issue with /blockpm

- Added info about respected player chat in /rcmds

- Added warnings into your own /stats so you can see how many you got.

- Added !rcmds for the radio channel. Added !listeners & request for the radio channel.

- Added permanent vip status.

- Fixed an issue with double reaction

- Added /whisper (/w) to speak to players nearby (within 5m)

- Fixed an issue with /buynrg

- Fixed an issue with /eject

- Fixed an issue where you lost 10 score at game change

- Updated the current game textdraw.

- Added a new textdraw showing your kills, deaths & ratio live.

- Added a message in /buynos & /nos to notify that you got nos assigned to your vehicle

- Added info about how fast you did the reaction test

- Added that if you try to DM in races / parkours it won't give damage.

- Fixed an small issue with /buynos & /nos

- If you enter a checkpoint with a vehicle in a bombing or stealing game, then you will be ejected from the vehicle and the vehicle will respawn.

- Added connect & disconnect symbols (For a testing periode)

- Added connect & disconnect messages to #mg.echo

- Licence plate of vehicles are now "Mini Games Server" instead of being some random shit.

- Private owned vehicles now got the licence plate same as the username.

- Added back /eatp as a shortcut for /eatpancakes (/ep is still there)

- Changed a bit on the "The next game will be" and added category too.

- Fixed an issue where vips got full armour in LMS, LTS and Zombie.

- Fixed an issue if you spawned a nrg and it didn't respawn. It will now respawn when you die.

- Respected Players can now buy skin again. Only via the ucp. It costs 1 million, and it only lasts for 1 month. Then you need to rebuy.

- Added back the anti spam script! DON'T SPAM Smile

- Added a double score system. This can be enabled by mangers. This means you get double score & pancakes untill it's disabled Smile


- Added 68 new achievements. All related to guns.

- Started logging kills with each gun.

- Updated /achs so it now uses pages and can handle more achievements.

- Guns: Fist,Nightstick,Knife,BaseballBat,Shovel,PoolCue,Katana,Chainsaw,PurpleDildo,Dildo,Vibrator,SilverVibrator,Flowers,Cane,Grenade,MolotovCocktail,Colt,Silenced9mm,DesertEagle,Shotgun,SawnoffShotgun,CombatShotgun,Uzi,MP5,AK47,M4,Tec9,CountryRifle,SniperRifle,RPG,HSRocket,Flamethrower,Minigun,FireExtinguisher

- Total achievements now: 103


- Added /myworld for vips that are availble in races. (gold vip)

- Fixed an issue with /v could be used if muted.


- Fixed an issue with vip not getting armour in arena

- Fixed a bug with CJ skin.

- Fixed on the message if admins set the next game..

- Fixed an issue where /myworld didn't work and vehicle didn't goto virtual world.


- Fixed an issue letting players use /whisper if muted or while game is changing. And /whisper double message on irc.

- Fixed so you can't pm if muted

- Added a plugin that will show us which functions that uses most resources etc.


- Admins won't get banned for bad race records.

- Fixed an small issue with flip

- Fixed an issue with the radio.

- Fixed an small issue with double score / pancakes weekend.

Server update: > 35.3.0

This is an small update focused on trying to reduce lag. The list maybe seem small, but there has been a lot of hours and work on this update.

- Discord: You can use !s in #mg-echo to speak to other players ingame

- Discord: all messages sent to #mg.echo(IRC) are also sent to #mg-echo (DISCORD)

- Moved the "Time" textdraw to the admin filterscript instead of the games = reduce of one timer.

- Removed the !listeners command from the radio

- Fixed some minor radio issues

- /eatp now gives 50health instead of 100.

- Updated !currentgame to add time left.

- Updated the anti cheat timer. Now it runs more often.

- New textdraw for current game.

- Fixed an issue where you didn't goto normal virtual world for vips.

- Fixed an issue with @ that could crash the server.


- Fixed an issue where you could spam /me

- Fixed an issue with /myworld - Fixed an issue with the online time.

- Edited /eatpancakes (/ep - /eatp) - Can only be used if less than 20 health. Now it gives current health + 50 more.

Server update: v35.4(Christmas Update)

Been focusing on fixing stuff, adding some new stuff, new achievements - but the most important: preparing for Christmas. Honestly I wish I had some more time to do more, but it will come on a later basis.

- Started saving how many times you won a DM.

- Started saving monthly kills & deaths. Reset at 1st of the month.

- Fixed an issue with /me

- Fixed an issue where you could advertisme via /whisper

- Toys are disabled untill early of january.

- Christmas hat is back, for whole December Smile ENJOY

- More random messages added

- Added info about achievements in /help

- Fixed an issue where players would still be marked as Online if server would crash

- Fixed an issue where you wouldn't get score for kills in arena

- Fixed an issue where you could enter private vehicles

- Fixed an issue where radio dialog will open after radio is closed.

- You can now call your private nrg 5 times during a game (/cnrg)

- Added /gunstats to see your own stats. Respected Players can use /gunstats [ID] to see other player's gun stats.

- Started saving how many times you've stealed a vehicle in Stealing games.

- Fixed an error with the achievement "Fat Wallet"

- Added /like & /dislike. A command that can be used to like or say that you didn't like a game. Can only be used during game change. Only available for the respected players.

- Added another message to be showed when normal players does /admins

- Fixed an issue with /cookies where you could get double score if double score weekend.

- The admin bot has been renamed to "Santa_Claus" for the christmas.

- /cmds is now a dialog.

- The /pm sound has been changed. Also the pm sent from admins.

- Fixed an issue where you could switcharena if your in a vehicle.

- 12 new toys for normal players.

- You can now bet max 1 million on other players, and max 500'000 on yourself.

- People can now have 6 toys instead of 5.


- Win 100 DM games

- Win 1000 DM games

- Make 5 youtube videos of MG (Given by an manager)

- Be at top 1 in 5 races, has to be prooved (example: games register) (Given by an manager)

- Buy at least 1 month vip(Given by an manager)

- Get 50'000 score(Given by an manager)

- Get 100'000 score(Given by an manager)

- Register at IRC (Given by an manager)

- Register at discord (Given by an manager)

- Report 10 valid forum reports (Given by an manager)

- Post a total of 250 forum posts (Given by an manager)

- Be registerd at the server for 1 year (Given by an manager)

- Be registerd at the server for 2 years (Given by an manager)

- Steal 100 vehicles (Stealing games)

- Steal 1000 vehicles (Stealing games)

- Make 2 tutorials on wikipedia (Given by Manager)

- Have a kill spree of 20 kills

- Have a kill spree of 30 kills


- Fixed an issue where you could use /vsay if you are muted.

- /vsay is visible on #mg.echo too now.

- /myworld has been removed.

- Added 7 new vip toys.

Will be Updated.