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Server Commands

List of commands and their use. */PM [ID] [MESSAGE] - Used to send Private Message to anyone.

*/REPORT [ID] [REASON] - Seen any hacker? You should immediately use this.

*/RULES - List of main rules of Mini Games Server. Rules with details and their punishment for the breaking can be found on Mini Games Server Forum  :

*/KILL - Used to kill yourself (suicide).

*/ADMINS - Used to see the list of Admins online. (Only Respected Players can see).

*/SHOP - Used to buy Weapons or Vehicles. VIPs and Respected Players have their own shop with some extra weapons.

*/CMDS - List of all commands available (in-game).

*/VIPS - List of all all currently online VIPs (in-game).

*/GIVEMONEY - Used to send/transfer money. Minimum amount of money you can send is 1,000 $ and maximum amount is 500,000 $

*/SWITCHARENA or /SWITCHA - Used to change arena (Minigun Arena, Stunt Arena and Death Match Arena).

*/TIME - Used to check date and server's time.

*/LOGOUT - Used to disable Auto-logging in-game. You're allowed to use this option only one time, once you disable Auto-Logging, you won't be able to enable it.

*/EJECT [ID] - Used to eject anyone from you vehicle. You can only use this command if you're the driver of that vehicle.

*/BLOCKPM - Used to block all the incoming Private Messages.

*/STATS - Used to check your status. You can see your warnings, account ID, Pancakes, Cookies etc.

*/HELP - Any type of help (Frequently Asked Questions etc) can be found in this command.

*/RESPAWNVEH - Used to re-spawn your /shop'ed vehicle. The vehicle will be re-spawned on the same location where you spawned it first time.

*/COOKIES - Used to check your cookies and opens a shop to buy scores from your cookies.

*/PANCAKES - Used to check your pancakes.

*/ME [TEXT] - Used to write something in (grey) colour in main chat.

*/BET [ID] [Amount] - Used to place a bet on someone to win a race or a death match.There is a specific time to use this command, if it's late, you won't be able to use it. The minimum amount of /bet is 10,000 $ and maximum amount is 300,000 $. You can also bet yourself but you'll get 1.5 profit if you win and max amount is 200,000 if you bet yourself.

*/RADIO - Used to enable/disable EXP-Gaming Radio.

*/REQUEST [NAME OF SONG & ARTIST] - Used to request a song on EXP-Gaming Radio.

*/ACHIEVEMENTS - List of all achievements in Mini Games Server. It also shows which achievement unlocked and which is to be unlock.

*/ADDBOUNTY [ID] [AMOUNT] - Used to place a bounty (hit) on a player. This will only work in Death Match gamemodes.

*/REWARDS - Used to check the rewards of current game running in server. (reward of winning race, a math quiz and reactions etc).

*/GETID [NICK/PART OF NICK] - Used to search someone in-game.

*/CHANGETEAM - You can switch your team with this command, F4 is a short key.

*/GAMES - List of all games in server with their IDs.

*/TOP5 - List of online players in server with highest Score, Kill, Death and Ratio.

*/KISS [1-6] - An animation similar to kissing in real life.

*/TOYS - You can buy, edit or delete your toys (holding objects) using this command. Each toy costs 10,000 $.

*/ANIMLIST - List of all animations available in server.

*/WHISPER OR /W [TEXT] - Used to talk with the nearby player(s). (within about 50 meters).

*/RCMDS - For Respected Players, used to check commands/features available for them. You need 20,000 scores to be a Respected Players.

*/VCMDS - For VIPs, used to check commands/features available for them. You need to donate to server to be a VIP.

*/ASK OR @ [TEXT] - Need help? Use this command for instant help from online Staff Members.

*/VIPS - List of online VIPs.

*/IRCPM [EXACT NAME] [MESSAGE] - Send message from game to IRC.

IRC Commands

*!s [TEXT] - To Chat In game via IRC.

*!pm [ID/Name] [Text] - To PM any Player In game.

*!players - To see Online Players.

*!stats [ID/Name] - Shows Online Player's Stats.

*!ostats [Name] - Shows Offline Player's Stats.

*!currentgame - Shows Current Game Status.

HAVE FUN! Regards, ScaryGhost.