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Hello, if you're interesting to become a server DJ of Mini-Missions and Mini-Games you have to post an application on forums.

Before you do, we have some requirements you have to follow:

  1. Be active at MM and MG community (forum, website, IRC).
  2. Be a well-known player from MG or MM.
  3. Be part of the community more than 3 months.
  4. Have a nice behaviour as a person with others.
  5. Follow the radio and forum rules.
  6. Have a clear record of bans from forums and in game!
  7. Know how to use basics of a DJ program (preferably Virtual DJ).
  8. Having some experience with IRC!
  9. Having understandable English level!
  10. Having a stable connection!
  11. Listening to your supervisors and follow their orders.
  12. Being Older than 14 years old.

Where to apply?

Head to: copy/paste that format, create a new topic with that format and you're done!

Good luck.